The Submit Cosmetic Product Notification (SCPN) portal in the UK is an essential platform launched by the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS). This portal was introduced following the UK's departure from the European Union and became operational from 1 January 2021. It's designed for companies to notify cosmetic products that are made available on the market in Great Britain, which includes England, Scotland, and Wales.

Key Aspects of the SCPN:

  1. Notification Requirements: According to Article 13 of the UK Cosmetics Regulation, every cosmetic product must be notified via SCPN before being placed on the GB market. The notification process is mandatory for new products introduced after 31 December 2020. For products already on the market and notified through the EU's CPNP before 1 January 2021, there was a deadline until 31 March 2021 to notify using the UK’s SCPN service.

  2. Responsible Person: The notification must be done by the 'responsible person', who can be the manufacturer, importer, distributor (if they label the product under their brand), or a third party authorized by the manufacturer or importer. This responsible person must be established in the UK.

  3. Information Required: To submit a product notification, you need various details such as the category and name of the cosmetic product, the name of the responsible person, location of the Product Information File (PIF), details of any nanomaterials or CMR substances in the product, chemical details of substances, a summary of the ingredients, product’s label, and a photograph of the cosmetic product packaging.

  4. Labelling Requirements: For products sold in Great Britain, new labelling requirements mandate that all products bear the name and address of the UK Responsible Person from 31 December 2022. Additional labelling requirements include indicating the country of origin for products made in the EU and specific markings for aerosols.

  5. Northern Ireland Market: Products intended for the Northern Irish market must continue to be notified on the EU Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP), as Northern Ireland follows the EU regulations.

The SCPN portal plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and regulatory compliance of cosmetic products in the UK market post-Brexit. It's important for companies operating in this sector to be aware of these requirements to ensure compliance and avoid any legal or regulatory issues.